Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conversation Class 7/13

Is diet more important that exercise? Is exercise more important that diet?
Argument 1: Diet is more important that exercise
While both are important to one's health, diet is a more integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical body. While you can survive without exercise, you will quickly die without food. A healthy body is largely the result of the vitamins and nutrients you get from what you eat. If diet is not taken seriously, you main become obese; a huge problem in today's society. Maintaining a healthy weight and body relies heavily on food. While it may take you an hour to burn 100 calories by walking, eating as little as one bag of chips or one bag of bread is equal to consuming over 100 calories.
Argument 2: Exercise is more important that diet
It is important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to lead a filling life. The most important aspect of this is exercise. While it is very important to maintain a balanced diet, a slightly unbalanced diet is acceptable in remaining healthy if you exercise. Even if you eat an excellent diet, if you do not exercise, your body will lose it's major mobile functions which are key to living a healthy life such as walking or climbing. In emergency situations, if you are in bad shape and can not run, you may not be able to escape a serious crisis. Exercise is a very important aspect of keeping active into old age. Without exercise, we may experience aches and cramps in our body which prevent us from focusing on our daily tasks. Exercising is also free while maintaining a healthy diet can be very expensive. It is also an excellent way to meet new people and socialize.

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