Kusang Tenzin. He was born in Tibet and came to India through the Nepal Tibetan reception centre in 1992. He did his high school from upper T.C.V. in 2005 and completed his university from Banglore, south India. He is 25 years old. Kusang Tenzin is one of the founders of Tibet Hope Center. He is currently the director of Tibet Hope center.

Tseten Dorjee. He was born in Tibet and came to India in 2006. He attended Tibetan Transit School. Later, he studied at Tibet Hope Center. Now he is teaching English and his is the Vice-Director of Tibet Hope Center.

Ngawang Gyaltsen. He was born in Tibet and came to India in 2003. He graduated from Tibet Transit School. He taught Tibetan Language at various schools. He is a staff and a Tibetan teacher at Tibet Hope Center.

Tsering Dhargyal. He was also born in Tibet and escaped into exile in 1992. He studied at TCV Suja and did his high school from TCV Gopalpur in 2006. He graduated from Bangalore University in bio-tech. in 2010. He is now the secretary of Tibet Hope Center.

Our mission is to build confident, self-sufficient individuals. We aim to offer new hope to Tibetans, both newly exiled from Tibet, as well as those who have been living in India for some time.

• Empower refugees with education, language skills, and resources for continued non-violent resistance to China’s occupation of Tibet.
• Secure the well-being of Tibetan refugees through programs such as clothing donations and sponsorships.
• Publicize the Tibetan cause and rally support for a free Tibet.