The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.
Dalai Lama
1. Tibet in the lens:
On May 24th to 31st 2010, we had a photo exhibition on Tibet. The photo exhibition is aimed to teach the foreigners about the Tibetan issue. More than 600 people came to the exhibition.

2. We love you Dalai Lama:
A project aimed to bring people together who appreciates the contributions of HH the Dalai Lama’s love and peace for the world. This project has been done for 2 years time from 2008-2009, where we asked people to draw or write a birthday wishes to HH the Dalai Lama. We had more than 5000 people from all over the world. There were four thick books and was given to HH the Dalai Lama.
We also had one week photo exhibition on the Dalai Lama’s life.
3. Groovy Nannies:
This is a project dedicated for the elder people in the community. Once in every month, we the staffs, students and volunteers made our best effort to spend a day at the elderly home. The project was initiated in year of March, 2008. Bye the October 2010, we visited them more than 20 times where we supported them in terms of clothes, health, cleaning and have been given them small tea parties of the time. Many of them passed away in front of us, we hope that had good times with us as after all this is what it counts.
4. Mass Clean Up:
Environment of the Dharamshala being one of the key issues because of the increasing number of tourist, guest houses, restaurants and shops, we decided to clean the town once in two months time and so far, starting from the May 2007, we were able to organize around 15 mass clean up. Thus we strongly believe that we have saved the environment as much as we can.

5. Classes:
When Hope was initially started, we had only three students and currently we have around 120 students. Moreover, each year, there around 300 students’ leaves the center with fluent English and now many of them are in Europe, US, Canada and many are working the town in different job positions.

Current Projects:
1. Mass Clean Up;
We are strongly sticking with Mass Clean Up as the environment is still a big issue here in Dharamshala.

2. Groovy Nannies:
We still remember the faces of those fading old people and for sure, we will love to make their days cherish able whether it takes spending time with them or cleaning the areas over there.

3. Classes:
Since we have made a huge difference in the lives of new comers from Tibet and still there is need for the language classes for the refugees, we are committed to continuing teaching different language.

4. S.O.S (Story of our students)
This project is aimed to publish a book based on the student’s escaped from Tibet to India. We are currently finished with interviewing, editing and designing but we are lacking with the fund to publish the book. We need an amount of around 70.000 Rs/-

Future Goals of Tibet Hope Center:

1. Staff Salary:
Since the staffs of the center have been volunteering for three years, we are planning to give them the salary to support their daily life and also to bring more efficiency to our works and projects.

2. Study Room For Kids: (SRK)
Currently, the number of the adult language schools is increasing in the town, thus we are coming up with a study room where the kids can go after school to do their home work and there will be volunteers who will be helping them with the home work. They will also enjoy a wide range of different educational resources. Also there will be environment, health, general knowledge talks and games.

3. Women’s Tailoring Center: (WTC)
We are planning to open a tailoring shop where the woman will be given the first priority to enroll. They will be well paid and respected.

4. Current Tibet: (CT)
We are planning to come up with two evening’s event where there will be guest speakers on the current situation on Tibet. Along with that, there will be free distributions like cards, brochers, and so on.

5. 2nd Hand Shop:
Since we get many second hand clothes, thus we are planning to come up with a second hand shop where we will reproduce clothes from old clothes. On top of that, we will also produce daily things like wallets, pen case, book marks, post cards from papers and plastics.

6. Sponsorship program:

Currently, there are many Tibetan individuals, single parents and families in the town where they need financial support, thus we will talk responsible for finding a sponsor for them. We will help them get in contact with the respected sponsor.

7. Adopt a granny:

Since there are many grannies where they need help in their daily life, we are looking for Tibetan people who can give at least an hour a day for them. Each Tibetan will adopt one granny and will look after them.

8. Monthly News Letter:

We are going to bring back the monthly news letter where there will be information about the center, volunteering opportunities, about Tibet etc.

Thus, these are the future plans for the coming years.

Budget of The Tibet Hope Center
Expenses Monthly Payment(Rs) Annual Payment(Rs)
Rent (four rooms) 6,000 72,000
Internet 1,350 16,200
Electricity 250 3,000
Stationary (like photocopy, and poster making, whiteboard pens, office requirements, etc) 3,500 42,000
Tea for volunteer after conversation ( usually there are 8-10 volunteers) 2,480 29,760
Total 13,580 1,62,960

Details of the expenses:

Rooms: Presently we have four rooms of 4*3 meter size each, in which one is engaged for office, two reserved rooms for class and one as kitchen. And we scheduled to attend seven classes including conversation class. Each class consists of 25-30 students. The classes are divided into beginner, intermediate and grammar class.
Beginners are the students who have started to study from English alphabets and intermediate are the students who could make sentence and wants to enhance vocabulary. In grammar class teacher tutors basis grammar like preposition, tense and etc. And we have opened privilege to have one-to-one tuition with volunteers if any student feels like he or she is much advance than others and wants to have more advanced class with volunteers.
Until now we have taught about 317 students. We are very content to see some of learned students are serving various communities like a monk who had been taught here and now in Tibet teaching in his monastery. And many had fled abroad and are working independently. And we have Tsetan Dorjee, a former student who has been serving this center for more than a year as teacher since he finished.
Stationery: There are many stationery expenses we often keep credit balance. It includes making photo copies for teachers, students and poster making for different events on particular days like Tibet hour (Lhakar) on Wednesday and SOS (story of a student about crossing Himalaya) on Friday. Though we clear credits balance at end of each month but sometime members are obliged to wrap the deficit amount. Beside, our volunteers and members are not getting paid but we offer lunch to personify their credit and their consistent willpower and restlessness.
Program: In addition we have old age home visit program. We (members and students) take this privilege to accompany their feeling of being abandoned from the rest of society and aloofness from their children. It is part of our honor to spend rest of the day with them and organize games and have tea party (which we are capable of) so that we could give back another hope to spend their remaining life in peace and without feeling of being discarded from our society. We could referee that this program has help them brighten their gloomy days of year of solitude in their old age home.