Friday, September 30, 2011

Volunteer Opportunities:

We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.
14th Dalai Lama

Usually we divide the volunteer into two sub divisions, namely long term and short term.

Short term volunteering:

Those who are here for less than a month are categorized as short term.

Conversation Class:

Our English conversation class has around 20 students needing conversation partners (volunteers). The aim of the conversation class is to build the confidence of our students as well as to teach about different subjects like environment, politics, economy, etc. Usually the conversation programmer will give you a topic and you won’t need any preparation.

One to one tutor:

There are many students who needs special attention in English, thus one to one tutor is something else that you can do. We also provide one to one tutor in French, German, Korean , Spanish, etc. to our students so it useful if you speak any language.

Baby Sitting:

For this we require a minimum commitment of two weeks. It’s about 5 hours of work per day. This type of work is done for the benefit of the low income families in the area. You might be working in a baby room or directly with a family.

Most of the time, the work you do depends on what projects are going on and the time of year. Thus, email us if you would like to be a short term volunteer.

Long Term Volunteering:

Teaching a class room:

Usually we require a minimum month’s commitment for this. There will be around 10 students in each class and the level of their English is intermediate. For this, you need to prepare a lesson in advance. It is not necessary to have experience teaching.

Moreover, since we are in contact with other organizations and monasteries in town, it is also possible that you may be teaching in another organization or in a monastery.

Working in the office:

Since we are facing staff shortages in the office, you may be working in our office in different positions, helping with organize our activities. For this we need minimum one month’s commitment.


In and outside of the office, there are many things that need to be edited, such as newsletters, updates on the center, website, brochure etc. You can easily volunteer by editing.

Working with abnormal and orphaned kids:

This requires minimum one month’s commitment. You will be working with disabled Tibetan and Indian kids, usually teaching English, math, helping with homework etc.

Open Room:

Under this category, you will be in charge of a room that can hold around 15 people. Within it you can organize a class, talk, dance, etc. so that the people here can learn whatever you have to offer.

Besides from all of these options, if you still feel something is missing… We are very flexible! We are ready to make it happen if it can help the local people. Anything from organizing concerts, cleaning areas, teaching photography and so on is welcome. Feel free to write to us with ideas and suggestions.

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