Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello dear friends and supporters, Here is the statement of our Mission and Vision. Mission Our mission is to build confident, self-sufficient individuals. We aim to offer new hope to those without and to sustain the hope in those who already have it, in particular the Tibetans, both newly exiled and those who have been living in India for some time. We aim to do this through global volunteering team work. Strategies • Empower individuals, especially the refugees with education, language skills, and resources for continued non-violent resistance to China’s occupation of Tibet. • Secure the well-being of Tibetan refugees through programs such as clothing donations and sponsorships. • Publicize the Tibetan cause and rally support for Tibet. • Support the various local communities as well as the international NGO's who are working for human rights, environment issues and who are working in favor of Tibet. The Tibet Hope Center, or volunteerindharamsala, is a registered NGO, working in the field of helping those in need, with an emphasis on exiled Tibetans living in India. We run a volunteering service that is dedicated to serve the needs of the Tibetan community of Dharamsala. We started with a simple goal - “To help the people and NGO's, especially the Tibetan organizations, connect with volunteers and to foster a meaningful cultural exchange. To empower these organizations while helping potential volunteers find ways to contribute themselves.” Further to this we work on international volunteering throughout the rest of India. Tibet Hope Center officially launched on December 8th May 2007. While Tibet Hope Center is run with the help of volunteers from all over the world, our only full-time employee is a member of the Tibetan community who oversees our volunteer program on location in India. This means that your volunteer placement is arranged by a local expert, someone who is sensitive to the needs of the community from within. This also means that by supporting us, you are directly funding the livelihood of Tibetans. Thank you and we really like to have your comments.

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