Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conversation Class 7/8

At its core, it law fair?

For humanity to function in a community there must be some form of governing system with laws. Laws protect us and establish a system for people to be accountable to. When a law is made to help a society, it is then fair. It is the intention behind a law that really makes it "fair". If the creators of a law establish a law in order to help a community and help people, then it is a good law. However, if a law is established solely to maintain power and control, it is not fair. A law must be based on the specific tradition, cultures, faith and morals of a region or country. If the law does not apply to the culture, then it is an unjust law. It is therefore not really a question of the fairness or right of a law but of the intention of its creators.

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