Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Conversations - Update 1

Yesterdays topic for the volunteers at 'Conversations' was to write a story using three key words – Hope, Love and Peace, with the help of their respective students. Here is some of what they came up with:

Story 1

There was once a man from a small city in Tibet called Sesta. He was a monk – a very kind monk who had great peace in his heart. His name was Rapghyal and he had a dream to one day become a Geshi.

One day in March, he was walking to his monastery when a man went up to him and hit him and tried to rob him. Rapghyal could’ve hit him back, but he was a good monk so he did not hit him back. Instead he asked him, ‘Why did you hit me?’. The man responded, ‘I am poor. My family is hungry and I wanted to steal money for my family.’ So the monk took the man back to his monastery and together they cooked food together for the mans family. Now, they are very happy together. The top Geshi of the monastery heard of Rapghyals kindness and made him a Geshi too.

The End

- Tsoknyi and Charlotte.

Story 2

Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a man, a Tibetan in Tibet. He was from a quiet suburb in Kham, and was 24 years old. He had peace in his heart because all the people in his community loved each other very much.

Even though he was satisfied with his life, he still decided to leave his motherland to pursue his hopes of becoming big one day. He wanted to learn modern things from the outside word to help his motherland, but he was as of now, oblivious to the world outside of Tibet. Sohe went to a new place which was very different from his motherland. There was lots of violence here and the people were very greedy. The people around hit him also, but he never hit them back and never got involved. He always stayed peaceful in heart and in mind.

Evevn though it was very hard for him, he studied a lot. His hard work and straightforwardness influenced the people around him and eventually he transformed the violence into peace.

The End.

- Ellie Ezzell and Gyamtso Dorjee.

Story 3

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who came from a poor family. When he was 9 years old his parents passed away. He was naturally very sad because he missed them and had lost their love. So from that day, he always hoped and prayed that he would find someone to love him.

There was nobody to look after him in his own village so he sent to stay with his uncle in another village. He was happy he had a new home, but was unhappy because his uncle was not very kind to him. It wasn’t that his uncle did not like him, he just did not want the extra burden. The little boy lived with him for 9 years, but then decided to leave him because he wanted to find true love and peace. He decided to go back to his village where he was born to look after himself. In due course of time he became a shepherd and spent all his time in the mountains with the sheep.

One day he was coming down the mountain slopes when he suddenly saw a beautiful girl in front of him. For a moment their eyes met, and they fell in love. Soon they became good friends and decided to get married. So finally he found the love and peace he had been looking for ever since he was 9 years old. All his dreams had come true.

The End.

- Tseten and Zahira.

Story 4

Love was living a very comfortable and joyous existence far from pain and was full of unconditional love for all beings. Love had a friend called Peace and because of love, peace also lived a life of comfort and ease bringing contentment to all their friends and neighbours. One day love and peace expressed themselves to one another so purely and truly that they manifested a son and his name was hope. Each day hope strengthened the peaceful and loving relation in the family. Hope grew up to be a very strong person and worked continuously with its parents. One day hope expressed itself so purely that it manifested peace and hope.

If one has hope, one has peace and love.

The End.

- Anonymous

Story 5

Once upon a time, a beautiful stray dog gave birth to 5 little puppies. One of the puppies was ugly and got made fun of by the other puppies. The mother dog said he was destined for greater things.

One day His Holiness Dalai Lama was crossing the road to go to the temple when suddenly a car sped up the road. The ugly dog saw His Holiness and pulled him back by tugging on his robe. The Dalai Lama realized that the ugly dog had saved his life and was so grateful that he invited the ugly dog to live with him. The Dalai Lama loved the dog and named him peace.

The mother of the ugly dog knew that her hope for her son would pay off.

The End

- Jampa, Rigsang, Kelsy and Preston.

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